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Our Cutting and Annealing Machines

As a system supplier, we can provide you not only with the correct ferrule for your application, but also the correct tools to allow you to process these ferrules in a specialist and standard-compliant manner. Our cutting and annealing machines are ideal for cutting wire ropes. Our cutting and annealing machines stand apart because of their short annealing time (thanks to a special transformer), simple operation and compact design. You can cut wire ropes with a diameter of 1-14 mm securely and very quickly using our small SF-65 and SF-140 machines. The cutting and annealing machines Type 1224, 1225 and 1226 are intended for separating wire ropes in the diameters 4-30, 8-40 and 12-64 mm, enabling the ends of the wire rope to be conically tapered.